Scalp Gua Sha Comb

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This miracle worker is for everyone that has a scalp!

Love your scalp for beautiful hair.

The jade Gua Sha will help to stimulate blood flow and boost scalp health for longer stronger hair. The wide set comb gives a stimulating massage and relives tension for an overall feeling of relaxation.

Gua Sha scalp massage is based on the ancient Chinese therapy of Gua Sha—which involves smoothing a sculpted massage tool over the face or body.

• Suitable for all hair types

• Can be used on both wet or dry hair

• Perfect for pairing with our Repair Elixir, Shine Mask & Conditioners


Longer Stronger Hair, increased blood flow to the scalp helps the active growth stage (anagen stage), which helps the hair to grow longer and less hair loss.

Better absorption of products ensuring your scalp gets essential nutrients for healthy hair

Relieve stress & tension in scalp, neck and jaw Relives an itchy dry scalp.

Assists in removing product build up around the hair follicles

How To Use:

Gently comb the Scalp Gua Sha in long strokes. From front to back and side to side. Spend extra time on any areas that are tense.

Repeat all over the scalp for as long as you like we recommend a minimum of 5 minutes for best results.

Can be used on wet or dry hair, with or without product.

Rinse thoroughly and wipe with a damp cloth after each use.

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