We are all about hair wellness. 

Have you ever experienced hair loss?

This was the question we asked and were shocked by the results. More than 70% of women have experienced hair loss at some point and more than 80% of that group have found it embarrassing to discuss and 100% said it made them feel less confident.  

Female hair loss seems to fall into the uncomfortable subjects that we don’t really talk about. We want to normalise hair loss through education and solutions that are easy to use, accessible and most importantly work. 

We have been conditioned to expect quick fixes in beauty products and hair wellness is just like all forms of wellness it requires a long-term approach. You can’t “fix” hair thickness overnight, so you need products that are safe, and you enjoy using. We want you to love how your hair looks and feels everyday not just after a salon visit or on the odd day when the stars align.  

Hair loss can be complex and often the result of several factors which is why we have taken a holistic approach with our unique plant-based actives that are clinically proven and chosen for their potency to help increase hair density and balance the scalp, so you get thicker, fuller looking hair

Hair wellness is hair you love so you feel your best and most confident all the time. 


The beauty industry is in my blood. I had my first part time job in a salon when I was 14 and I have loved it ever since. I have been lucky enough to work all across the industry including product development for skincare, makeup, ingestible beauty and in both science based and natural brands.  Revelry is the result of all these experiences and my understanding of what ingredients we need and what works. 

The women on my Mum's side of the family experience hair loss at a very young age and it continues to get worse as they get older. My gorgeous grandmother who taught me all you need is good hair and good shoes to look “put together” lived into her 90’s and was almost bald from her mid 60’s but still had her done weekly as it was that important to her. I always felt grateful and somewhat “safe” as my hair was the complete opposite, extremely thick and curly. 

 The first time I went to the Doctor for my hair falling out and I knew I had visibly less hair on my head. The Doctor laughed at me (literally) as I had so much hair and it was a “ridiculous concern” I visited several other doctors with similar disregard for what was a serious issue for me. I knew I still had plenty of hair. I also knew if it kept falling out at the same rate it would not be the case in the future. It made me wonder how this discussion must feel for other women. I had years of experience and knew the science behind hair growth and associated issues like the back of my hand and I couldn’t get anyone to take me seriously as I wasn’t bald or almost bald. So, I did what I am naturally drawn to and researched causes of hair loss, ingredients and anything that would help maintain the integrity of my hair. 

Wendy xx