Best for – Medium to long hair not overly layered.

1. Lightly brush hair, enough to smooth out tangles without making the hair flat. Separate any hair you don’t want in the braid.

2. Part the hair on one side around 5cm up from the ear.

3. Start your braid with a small section of hair from the part

4. Continue following the curve of your head using the basic braid (see below)

Pro tip- when you get to the nape bring your hands around the other side of your head so the angle is easier to work with.

5. Braid all the way to meet at the part line

6. Plait the remaining hair as close to the end as you can get and fasten with elastic

7. Loosen up the braid with your fingers especially through the top section

8. Tuck the plait in underneath braid and fasten with bobby pins

9. Finish with a light hold hairspray

Pro tip- your braids will last longer on hair that had been washed blow dried 1-2 days prior. After washing spritz with our volume mist for more volume at the roots.