Top five pro tips to get more volume in your flat hair!

1. First things first...use a volume specific shampoo & conditioner. 

If you start your style with a heavy silicone laden shampoo and conditioner your styling product will struggle to give you results, no matter how good it is. 

Choose a silicone free shampoo & conditioner that's nourishing yet light weight, this way you'll get off to the right start. Try Revelry Hair Co Volume Boost range.

2. Don't wash your hair the day of your event.

Try splitting your styling session in two. 

Wash and blow-dry the night before and sleep on a silk pillowslip. This creates less friction and will keep your hair in silky smooth shape.

Finish your style the next day with your heat tools or hot rollers.

3. Create the right angle when styling.

A voluminous blow-dry is a serious arm workout. 

Pull your brush away from your head at a 90 degree angle lifting your arms as high as you can.

The idea is to encourage your hair into the direction you want it to stay. There is no point in brushing and drying it in a downward position if you want it to stay up.

4. Don't overdo the styling products.

Whilst most of us need some assistance in the big hair department. Be careful not to over use styling products even if they're specifically for volume. 

Good quality products are concentrated so use them sparingly. 

Avoid products for conditioning and shine as they often contain silicone which will weigh your hair down.

Try Revelry Hair Co Volume Mist. Spray it from root to tip for texture and added thickness to each and every strand.

5.Use the correct tools.

The right size brush is one of the most important aspects. The size of your round brush depends on the length of your hair.

  • For hair chin length or shorter you are after a 22-32mm barrel
  • For medium hair – use a medium barrel 35-45mm
  • For hair longer than shoulder length use 45-55mm barrel