Nail your WFH hair style!

Whether it is WFH meetings, Friday happy hour or chats with your family, video calls are definitely our new way to keep connected and feel close to those we love even though we are apart.

The one thing we know, which you tell us all the time, is the power of a good hair day. So, we have rounded up our favourite ways to up your hair game and we promise they take two minutes max and will work with your current ponytail, high and low bun, quick blow dry and dry shampoo routine you have on rotation!!

Low Ponytail - This one is good for when you really should have washed your hair a few days ago, as the messier the better! Fasten your pony a bit higher than your nape (your neck) and it doesn’t need to be smooth, the more texture the better. Lightly tease so you get volume that you can see from the front and pull out pieces around your face. Perfection!

High Bun - This is one of our favourites, probably because it is the fastest!! Once you have secured your messy bun, tie a scarf around the bun depending on the size of scarf, wrap it once or twice and finish with a knot in the front. Loosen it up a bit and if it is not sitting exactly how you like use a couple of bobby pins to keep it in place. Voila!

Slick Back –We love this, as it means you can multitask and look after your hair with a Mineral Shine Mask in your hair and no one will know! But this one does look best with a bright lip and some oversized earrings so save it for when you are feeling in the mood for something extra!!

Low Bun - This one can be fun especially if you have a few meetings in one day. Once your bun is in place mix it up with your favourite accessories’ headbands, scarfs, hair clips. To keep things fun change or add to your style.

Need some extra inspo…

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