Ever wondered why your scalp condition changes with the weather?

During the colder months it's only normal that your scalp suffers from dehydration due to the harsher outdoor environment and change in temperature, however, there can be a few other factors to take into consideration too.


Is a skin condition that can present as a dry flaky scalp however should be monitored by a doctor. It’s recommended to stay away from anything with strong fragrance, including some essential oils and harsh chemicals on the hair and scalp.

Deficiencies in your diet?

If you don’t have a balanced healthy diet, you can’t expect your hair to glow because it all starts from within. Omega-3s are an important part of our diet as are fruits and vegetables.

They provide your body with the nutrients it needs for cell renewal and this includes hair growth.

By simply adding a regular piece of salmon, some fish oil tablets and some green leafy vegetables to your diet, you can have theses essentials easily covered.

Shampooing too often?

This is a trap that a lot of people fall into purely out of habit. Washing your hair everyday is a real no-no as your scalp struggles to balance its natural healthy oils and therefore become extremely dry and sometimes flaky.

It's a vicious cycle. If this is you?

Start by trying to skip a day. You might think that your scalp looks oily but persevere as it will naturally balance its self out.

Using hair products that contain alcohol or harsh chemicals

Avoid products that contain alcohol (you might be surprised, a lot of styling products do, especially hair spray) and if possible use a shampoo that is SLS free.

Try any of the Revelry Hair Co range, they're all very gentle, colour safe formulas and contain no hash chemicals.

Nine times out of ten a dry scalp that isn't producing enough natural oil (sebum) can make your hair dull and your scalp itchy and flaky.

When hair becomes dry, it will lose its lustre and shin and be prone to split ends and breakage. Because dry hair is a common occurrence that can detract from your overall appearance, it's important to know how to nourish dry hair to bring back its vitality and shine so you can look your best.

Try this Pre-Shampoo treatment to give your dry scalp back some of the nourishment it needs.

All you’ll need is Repair Elixir It's packed with over 6 super power oils that will not only rebalance the natural oils in your hair but get rid of a dry scalp for good.

Jojoba - Helps nourish and regenerate hair cells.

Desert Lime - Soothes damage and rebalances natural oils.

Rosehip - A powerful anti-oxidant.

Macadamia - Contains proteins and vitamin E.

Avocado - Helps promote hair growth and contains vitamin B.

Argan - Contains 9 essential fatty acids. 

Step 1

Put two full pumps of elixir directly on to the scalp.

Step 2

Use your fingertips to massage the oil deep into your head in small circles.

Step 3

Let the oil stay in your hair for at least half an hour, or leave it on all day or night. This incredibly light formula will not leave your pillow greasy as it will absorb completely.

Step 4

Wash your hair with SLS free, shampoo that contains nourishing ingredients when you do wash your hair. Condition as normal from mid lengths to ends.

Step 5

Brush your dry hair gently -- when dry -- with a natural-bristle brush to massage your scalp and distribute your natural skin oils through your hair. Start at the scalp and run the brush through to the ends of your tresses.

The major BONUS to this pre-shampoo treatment is that it will leave your hair looking healthy, glossy and full of life while removing any impurities and dry skin on the scalp.