Do you have an itchy scalp?

Struggling with an itchy scalp well you are not alone around 75% of people are feeling the irresistible urge to scratch with you.

Most of the time your pesky itch is the symptom of a dry scalp and with some love and oleic rich moisture can be relieved quickly. As tempting as it to pass it off as a minor affliction, leaving it untreated can lead to dandruff and more serious scalp issues.

The one thing we know more than ever is the secret to naturally beautiful hair is a healthy balanced scalp. Your growing hair which is also the living part of your hair spends two weeks beneath the scalp’s surface before it emerges getting all of its nourishment from you guessed it your healthy (or not so healthy) scalp.

If your scalp is dry and damaged your hair struggles from day one. Think of your hair like a plant, your scalp is the soil and the roots need to be in the best possible environment for the pant to flourish.

Caring for your soil is essential, when it is unhealthy or damaged the skin cells become disrupted allowing essential moisture to leak out of your scalp which is why you often have that tight dry itchy feeling not to mention lack lustre hair.

Five Healthy Scalp tips for your best hair…

1. Nourish you scalp both on the inside and the outside with ingredients rich in oleic acid which is the most     common monounsaturated fatty acid in human cells and helps to seal moisture in. Rich sources include avocado, coconut, chia seeds and macadamia oil.

2. Exfoliate weekly –exfoliating your scalp removes the build-up of excess skin cells, product, and sebum.

3. Avoid harsh chemicals that dry the scalp these include sodium laurel sulphate, alcohol, artificial colours and fragrances.

4. Scalp massage – studies show 4 minutes of daily massage simulates blood flow resulting in increased hair growth. Depending on your hair type brushing your hair with a gentle brush from the roots down will give you the same result.

5. Hydration- yes water is the cure for everything!! Our body is smart and takes all of the water it needs for our other organs and our skin gets what is left so those extra few glasses do make a difference.

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