Best for- Long medium to thick hair with choppy layers. If extra thickness needed use some clip in extensions.

Pro tip- The foundation of this style is the blowdry put the effort in here and you will get amazing

Bouncy hair. We like to blowdry the night before but you can do the full style in one go if preferred.

1. Towel dry well & spritz with our Volume mist.

2. Tip your head upside down & blast your hair 80% dry. Lift the roots with your fingers as you dry to get extra volume.

3. Split your hair into two sections and smooth the underneath section with a large round brush.

4. Choose where you want your part to fall. Part your hair from hairline to crown and smooth the top section.

5. Use a large barrel tong and work vertically through the bottom section.

Pro tip- Don’t be precise with your sections and leave some ends out.

6. Move to the top section in the same manner but only tong the mid lengths do not go all the way to the roots.

7. Once complete shake out the curls with your fingers finish with a medium hold hairspray.

Pro tip- For extra volume at the roots use a coloured dry shampoo or volume powder.