Best for – Medium to long hair with some layers. Perfect for the day after you washed your hair.

Pro tip – don’t be too precise with your sections.

1. Spritz hair with Volume Mist & roughly blow dry you hair. 

2. Take a vertical section of hair and pull the curling iron downwards. Do not curl the ends.

3. Work your way around you head alternating the direction of the curling iron.

Pro tip – around your crown use much larger sections.

4. When curling sections near your face curl them away from your face.

5. Separate curls with fingers and finish with a light salt spray.

Overnight Beach Waves

For fuss free beach waves sleep with your hair in two lose braids in the morning run your fingers to separate the waves and finish with a light sea salt spray.

Morning to night Beach Waves

First thing in the morning twist sections of slightly damp hair into a top knot and let it dry through the day. Remember the smaller the sections the tighter the wave.