Revelry Hair Co is formulated with vecorexin® Intuitive Delivery System, a plant based liposome that contains over twenty key active ingredients necessary to repair and nourish the hair.

This cutting edge technology works by anchoring deep into the hair shaft and continues working long after you’ve washed it out. You can expect immediate shine and manageability with long term health and hydration.


The hair is made up of two key layers the cuticle the cortex. The cuticle is the outer layer which is responsible for the lustre and texture of the hair. When the cuticle is damaged the hair appears dull and lifeless.  Cosmetic improvement can be made to the cuticle by helping it to lay flat however these are short term fixes that either wear off or wash out, no repair to the integrity of the hair can be made in the cuticle layer.

The cortex forms the bulk of the hair shaft and provides colour, strength and elasticity. This layer is where the disulphide bonds are found that contribute to the shape and stability of the hair, giving it its inner strength.  Damage occurs when the bonds are either broken or weakened leaving the hair structurally weak. It's in the cortex that significant improvement can be made to the condition and overall health of the hair.




The natural, positively charged liposome is strongly attracted to the hair fibre’s negative charge, which enables it to cling onto the hair shaft and resist being washed out. The liposome is firmly attached in the deepest parts of the cortex and delivers twenty key actives to where the strength and integrity of the hair can be repaired. 

Using the intuitive delivery system vecorexin® clinical studies show that 180% more active ingredients stay attached to the hair. This results in long term repair to the structure of the hair and improves the overall health dramatically over time.


This ground breaking technology works by anchoring onto the hair shaft and pushing more than 20 key ingredients into the deepest parts of the hair. The active ingredients are then able to stay attached to the hair long after you’ve rinsed the product out. No more washing the active ingredients down the sink as they remain in your hair where they should be. 

Each active ingredient is chosen for its unique benefits to the integrity of the hair. Key actives include-

  • ALDENINE - Helps to protect the hair against harsh environmental conditions and UV rays
  • LIPOCHROMAN-6 - Anti-ageing molecule that can capture both nitrogen and oxygen free radicals. 
  • CHAMOMILE EXTRACT – Enhances colour and shine.
  • WALNUT EXTRACT - High in potassium helps to accentuate the natural highlights of your hair. 
  • CALENDULA OIL - Contains antibacterial qualities and gives the hair high levels of moisture.
  • VITAMIN E - Helps to repair and strengthen damaged hair follicles and promote growth.

The results are glossy, shiny, more manageable hair than ever before and the best part is that it improves every time you do your hair!!